CLIENTAMS (formerly known as Advanced Microgrid Solutions)
AGENCYButchershop Creative 

AMS, previously known for making waves in the energy world for its innovative energy management platform, developed to offer cost-savings, grid support, and carbon reduction technologies. The ultimate goal of AMS is to create a cleaner, more efficient, utilized grid. One of their first backers was Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Wanting to move more from behind-the-meter to in front of the meter, AMS has created an A.I. software platform that uses algorithims to enable otimized trading of energy assets. With this new platform launching, AMS decided that a new, revamped brand identity should follow suit. Together, we decided on a sleeker, more technology-advanced feeling brand, that would stay timeless. 

Creative Director - Ben McNutt; Design Director - Tony DeKleine; Art Direction & Lead Design - Cheri Wang; Copywriter - Matt Bloom 

AMS Logos-10

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